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GIESSEGI, An infinite experience matured in time based on the taste of generations of consumers.



GIESSEGI Is one of the most significant realities in today’s international furniture business. Representing a great imprenditorial venture, the company made quality its prior mission, renewing its proposals to improve at best the life style e and the most contemporary trends.A company full of culture and experience in the furniture business.A complete production that moves forward with its own ‘Giessegi Philosophy’, stylistically consistent in each component. Kids’ bedrooms, beds, and cabinets, furniture, office and contract, a global project that architecturally excels tank to an exceptional versatility of the flexible and winning systems.

An infinite experience matured in time based on the taste of generations of consumers.
A company that works to improve the quality of life, growing constantly the aesthetics and reliability of its products and services.

The production process is completely autonomous since all the phases of manufacture between raw material and the finished product are executed inside the company.
This complete production autonomy allows a more accurate control of the product’s quality. The company is also equipped to produce any element out of standard both for the form and the essence of material.

Giessegi ’s exceptional modularity enables it to customise and differentiate products in response to the clientele’s needs. The company is also organised for the production of any items with customised shape or material; it has an in-house department specialising in the manufacture of custom-produced pieces, a genuine joinery workshop within a high-tech industrial plant.

The company places great emphasis on the thicknesses used in the various production lines, with the aim of improving the product’s quality and strength.The use of laser ABS edgings also enables the company to significantly improve the quality of its coated and clad products.
The products offered on the market are in a variety of woods and finishes, with a wide choice of colour combinations. Company also offers customers the option of customising their products with Ral range colours.